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Yacht charter Croatia pricelist

Generally I will take my family to a trip whenever we altogether get a vacation on a yacht charter in Croatia. We have visited many places so far and we always use to find different places to visit. This time I would like to let my children to choose the place because every time my parents or my wife will choose the place therefore i want to give them the freedom to choose the place they desire. When i asked to search for a place, they immediately said that they want to visit Croatia. I was surprised how they know about the country and why did they want to visit that place so i enquire them about that.
Since my son and daughter are twins they are studying in the same class so they have mutual friends. When i asked them about why they want to visit this place they said that one of their friends has visited this place on his vacation and he has shown his pictures to my son and daughter. Since they were very much impressed about those locations, they wanted to visit this place. I understand their feelings so i did not want to say no. I let my wife and my parents about their wish and they were also ok with my children wish.
My father asked me to consult with a tourist agency and arrange the tickets and accommodation. Then i found a tourist agency and ask them to arrange everything. Since the agency was started few days before they offer tourist package at best price so surprisingly i could utilize that offer. They have arranged everything and let me know the flight time and the accommodation details. We reached Split at midnight and we took rest in the hotel. Next morning we started our vacation in Split.
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