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Yacht charter Croatia bareboat

We reached Kornati Islands on our second day. Since all of us were drunk, we did not know that we have reached the place. Our yacht driver woke me and my friends up by speaking something in Croatia (Croatian) language. Then we had our breakfast and visited may small islands in the location. Meanwhile we have visited the park in the island and it was a different experience. We spend some time by playing in the seashore. We took lot of photos and at the evening we visited the resort near to the seashore and had a small alcohol party. At the end of the day, we took our yacht and returned to Dubrovnik.
Here we will describe yacht charter in Croatia bareboat. I and my colleagues were planning for a trip to Croatia for a long time. But we did not have enough time to make it happen. However, we have got a vacation this time and we wanted to execute our long time plan. One of my colleagues has taken the responsibility and he booked tickets for all of us. He has arranged our accommodation in Dubrovnik. It is because there are many places to visit in Dubrovnik and we have also planned to visit this city first. Therefore we moved to Dubrovnik from our location.
As we planned our first day was in Dubrovnik. Actually we already have the list of places which are familiar in the city. So without any delay, we started our trip and visit the important places that we want. When we reach Stradun, it was astonishing for us because we have seen such street and area in many movies and we have wondered about the construction of those buildings. Therefore it was very exciting for us to see the place directly. I am an interested person in photography therefore i use to take my camera to every place that i visit. So i had my camera with me and i captured those beautiful buildings and streets along with my friends.
One of my colleagues is spiritual person therefore he wanted to visit the St Blaise’s church in Dubrovnik. The construction of the church was also amazing but i could not capture those things since camera was not allowed into the church. Then we move to Walls of Dubrovnik and we spend some time there. Actually it was a great day for my camera because i could see many beautiful places in Dubrovnik and i captured all of them. We have planned for a party in the evening therefore we have visited a pub in the city and had drinks.
Some kind of music was playing inside the pub and one my friends started dancing for that. We enjoyed a lot in the pub and it was a great and unforgettable experience for us. Then we came to our hotel and took complete rest.
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