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Yacht Charter in Croatia - My marriage was getting near and i wanted to give bachelor’s party to my friends. So i planned for a trip to Croatia which is very famous for natural landscapes and long coastal line. The main reason why i chose this place was none of my friends have visited here therefore i want to take them to this most beautiful country. I informed them about the place and they were very happy and excited about that. Generally everyone use to visit a party place to celebrate the bachelor’s party but we selected Croatia for this.
Actually I have friends at Croatia therefore i contacted them and arrange accommodation and transportation for us. Since they arranged everything, it was not difficult for me to arrange the important things. I and my friends have reached Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik is my favourite place at Croatia. I have visited this place many times before therefore i arranged everything here. We woke up early in the morning and came to seashore to enjoy watching the sunrise. One of my friend in Dubrovnik has given his car for our purpose therefore we took the car and roam around the city. I have taken my friends to many important places such as Stradun, Walls of Dubrovnik, Kolocep, St Blaise’s Church, Lovrijenac, and Mljet. We spent the whole day by roaming around the city. At evening, we came to the sea shore and hired a yacht. Actually yacht charter was the important plan that we have made in our trip.
We were in the plan to go Kornati Islands on our second day therefore we started from Dubrovnik at evening in a yacht. It will take around 7 hours to reach Kornati Islands from Dubrovnik but we wanted such long travel because we planned to have party in the yacht. So we have arranged everything in the yacht and started our party. Since it was an alcohol party, we had so much fun. The yacht driver did not say anything about our enjoyment and he was laughing at us by watching the things me and my friends were doing. We enjoyed a lot in the yacht. We did not know how seven hours have gone. Moreover it was the first time that we had such party in a moving yacht that too in the night time. It was an excellent experience. I would say that everyone must travel into a sea on the night time and it is sure that they can experience a heavenly feel.
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